The right way to Develop a Lemon Tree Indoors

A aromatic and exquisite lemon tree has all the time been a dream of mine to have in my house. With the assistance of Higher Earth Gardens, it’s changing into a actuality! Ariel (the plant skilled herself) is sharing her suggestions and methods at present for rising a lemon tree indoors.

Suggestions for Rising a Lemon Tree Indoors

Hey everybody! It’s Ariel right here, and I’m going to be sharing my prime suggestions for rising a lemon tree indoors, like what you see within the Fraîche workplace! Right here is my information for giving your individual lemon tree a brand new house. For extra recommendation and inspiration for incorporating crops into your decor, observe me on Instagram!

1. Lighting & Placement

Your lemon tree will want just a few hours of vivid direct daylight or vivid filtered daylight all day lengthy. It received’t like a chilly or scorching draft inside, so be sure to shut any vents that is perhaps blowing on it!

Tori beside a lemon tree indoors


Watering is so necessary! Let your citrus tree dry out in between waterings. To assist, use my Knuckle Trick! Merely push your finger down into the soil roughly 2 inches deep (or to your third knuckle) and whether it is simply barely damp on the tip of your finger it’s time to water.

Whenever you do water your lemon tree, water across the perimeter of the pot, not on the base of the plant the place it meets the soil. Lemons don’t like their roots moist on a regular basis. It’s actually necessary they dry out in between watering. Misting your lemon is all the time an excellent follow and it’ll actually like this!

How to Grow a Lemon Tree Indoors

3. Fertilizer 

When there are not any blooms or fruit use a citrus/evergreen fertilizer to advertise new progress, blooms and fruit. That is excessive in Nitrogen which is sweet for selling inexperienced shiny leaves and excessive in phosphorus to advertise root progress and blooms.

4. Clear/Mud 

Sure- it’s a must to clear your tree! Preserve mud off of your tree’s leaves with a delicate material, heat water and Daylight dish cleaning soap; be sure to get either side of the leaves.

tori and lemon tree

5. Harvesting

The lemon blooms are very aromatic! The lemons are usually prepared to reap when they’re 2 3/4″ and three 3/4″ lengthy and vivid yellow.

flower bud on indoor lemon tree

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