The best way to make Brown Dye in Minecraft

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Are you wanting so as to add some extra colour to your Minecraft world? Do you need to improve your world’s attractiveness and wonder utilizing each dye you possibly can? Then this text is for you.

Brown dyes are fairly unusual in Minecraft. Though it isn’t the prettiest colour you will get, it’s nonetheless very helpful as you should use it for quite a lot of issues akin to dyeing leather-based armor, carpets, or to be used in residence ornament. Brown-colored dye is notoriously tough to make as a result of want for cocoa beans. Whereas it’s a extra uncommon materials, there are a number of methods to get this crafting ingredient, from understanding which biome to search out it, to buying and selling with villagers.

This text will clarify the right way to make brown dye in quite a lot of varieties and the right way to use it. It is a step-by-step information for fixing your brown dye dilemma.

Brown Dye Minecraft recipe

To create brown dye in Minecraft, only one materials is required – cocoa beans. Cocoa Beans are solely discovered rising on Jungle bushes in jungle biomes. Nevertheless, anybody who’s aware of Minecraft is aware of that jungle biomes are one of many rarest areas that yow will discover. If you’re fortunate sufficient to discover a jungle biome, then you will want to reap the cocoa beans which can be discovered rising on bushes.

Upon getting discovered Cocoa Beans, the crafting recipe is easy. Simply flip one Cocoa Bean instantly into one Brown Dye in both a Crafting Desk or your on-person 2×2 Crafting grid.

Farming Cocoa Beans

The wonderful thing about Cocoa Beans is that they’re tremendous simple to farm again at your base after you’ve first discovered a Jungle Biome. Simply ensure you collect Cocoa Beans and Jungle Log (or a sapling) to take again residence. Plant a Cocoa Bean on the aspect of a Jungle Log, and also you’ll have infinitely renewable Cocoa Beans any further!

Cocoa Bean farm Minecraft

Different methods to search out Cocoa Beans and Brown Dye

Moreover, it’s possible you’ll run this dye throughout gameplay by a selected command.

Make the most of the command as proven under:

Command Cocoa Beans Minecraft

Like we simply stated, you might be able to commerce with villagers to get brown dye or cocoa beans.

You may discover a Wandering Dealer wandering round your Minecraft world randomly, they usually have an opportunity of buying and selling any colour dye for one Emerald in Java Version. In Bedrock Version, they could promote Cocoa Beans for one Emerald.

As Wandering Merchants are fairly uncommon, you is likely to be higher off buying and selling with a traditional Villager. In each editions, an Knowledgeable Stage Shepherd has an opportunity of buying and selling Brown Dye for one Emerald.

Wandering Trader Brown Dye Trade

The best way to use Brown Dye in Minecraft

The first objective of a dye is so as to add colour to an merchandise. Through the use of brown dye, your tools and weapons might be stained with this darkish colour. You should utilize dye to paint a variety of things in a Crafting Desk, and you can too use Brown Dye in your major hand to vary the colour of a tamed wolf’s collar, a cat’s collar, or the colour of a sheep. You can too use coloured dye to vary the colour of leather-based armor.

Simply a few of the gadgets that may be dyed in a Crafting Desk are;

  • Beds
  • Candles
  • Glass
  • Shulker Packing containers
  • Terracotta

brown candle crafting recipe dye

Brown dye, like others, could also be used to weave banners on a Loom or in a Crafting Desk. Moreover, it’s possible you’ll customise your banners by deciding on from quite a lot of numerous designs. Banners are essential for highlighting a selected space or for use as ornament.

Brown Flower Banner Minecraft

The brown dye, like different colours, can be utilized to make fireworks. You might make these out of gunpowder. Moreover, it’s possible you’ll use this dye to repaint or recolor your firework stars. To supply brown fireworks, you might have a crafting desk, brown dye, and gunpowder.

Brown Firework Star Minecraft


If you wish to construct with Brown Concrete or Brown Concrete Powder, you’ll want Brown Dye. The crafting recipe for Concrete Powder is under, and also you merely want to put it in or flood it with water to show it to exhausting Concrete.

Brown concrete powder minecraft

So, Brown dye has a number of makes use of in Minecraft, from adorning gadgets in your house to utilizing in constructing supplies and altering the colour of your armor. Whereas it is likely to be a little bit of a ache to get on account of its rarity, there are a number of other ways to get it, and after getting obtained cocoa beans, you possibly can start to develop your cocoa bean provide nearer to your base.

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