Spellshot Chaos 50 Construct – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Who wants weapons, proper?

On this article, we’ll showcase a Spellshot Chaos 50 construct that melts enemies with out utilizing any weapons.

We’ll go over expertise, hero factors, and what subclass to decide on to maximise your injury output.

If you wish to destroy your enemies utilizing primarily spells, look no additional.

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Spellshot Chaos 50 Construct in Wonderlands

spellshot Chaos 50 Build
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This construct is an end-game construct so farming for some gadgets is required.

Many of the gadgets will be obtained from chaos bunnies on the finish of chaos chamber runs. Devoted loot sources will likely be listed under.

Selecting Your Subclass

This construct is targeted primarily on utilizing Spells, particularly Frost spells. There will not be many expertise that profit Frost typically, however these are typically probably the most dependable spells.

For our subclass, we selected Blightcaller, as a result of it’s a brand new class, but in addition it provides some survivability and injury from having a Ward.

Talent Factors – Spellshot Chaos 50 Construct

Right here you’ll discover all the talents for this Spellshot Chaos 50 construct. It’s a Spellshot/Blightcaller mixture.

Motion Talent – Ambi-Hextrous

Spellshot Chaos 50 Build
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The Spellshot could equip a spell into the Motion Talent slot. Every time the Spellshot presses the Motion Talent Button, they forged that spell.

Tier I Abilities

  • Spell Sniper – will increase your spell essential probability (5 factors)
  • Magic Bullets – portion of spell injury will get transformed into gun injury (3 factors)
  • Prestidigitation – elevated reload pace (5 factors)
  • Wraithmail – killing an enemy restores a proportion of your Ward (3 factors)

Abilities From Tier II

  • Font of Mana – spell and motion ability cooldown charges elevated (5 factors)
  • Mage Armor – gaining a stack of spellweaving restores ward (1 level)
  • Flawless Edge – you acquire extra injury the extra ward you might have (5 factors)

Tier III Talent

  • Lavatory Down – an opportunity to create a water nova whereas making use of poison injury. The nova soaks all enemies. Soaked enemies take elevated injury (1 level)

Abilities From Tier IV

  • Imbued Weapon – extra elemental injury on weapons (5 factors)
  • Excessive Thread Depend – three extra spellweaving stacks (1 level)

Tier V Abilities

  • Double Knot – spell essential hit injury (3 factors)
  • One Slot, One Kill – gaining a stack of spellweaving will increase gun injury (1 level)

Capstone – Tier VI Talent

Sever the Thread (1 level)

Gun Crucial Hits have an opportunity to immediately reset all Spell Cooldowns. This ability has a brief cooldown.

Various Abilities

You may redistribute some factors in different expertise, with a give attention to Frost weapons and Spells. You may as well take out 4 factors from Prestidigitation and spend them elsewhere.

Hero Factors – Spellshot Chaos 50 Construct

spellshot Chaos 50 Build wonderlands
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You may spend 49 Hero Factors. Often, you earn one Hero Level per stage, however at some ranges, you get a couple of Hero Level.

Initially of the sport make certain to decide on Village Fool as your background. It provides the most important quantity of uncooked factors and means that you can get the very best worth in Energy.

These factors enhance totally different attributes. You may select from:

  • Energy – essential hit injury
  • Dexterity – essential hit probability
  • Intelligence – spell cooldown charge
  • Knowledge – standing impact injury
  • Structure – well being and ward factors
  • Attunement – motion ability cooldown

On this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Chaos 50 construct you wish to give attention to maxing out Energy and Attunement.

The remainder of the factors will be distributed into Dexterity for extra injury or Structure for extra survivability.

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Weapons and Gear for Spellshot Chaos 50 Construct

spellshot Chaos 50 Build wonderlands 3
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Each merchandise can drop from the Chamber Bunnies on the finish of any Chaos Chamber Run, together with the newly launched Boss Runs.

Moreover, when you’ve already completed a mirror from a particular DLC, these things will likely be added to the loot pool of Chaos Chambers.

You may as well farm DLC gadgets instantly from the Wheel of Destiny close to the DLC mirrors.


  • Liquid Cooling – nice synergy with Frost injury will increase – drops from Lissia in Crackmast Cove
  • Crossblade (Frost) – an ideal shotgun that may use Frost aspect successfully. Drops from Gloopathoth, a secret Chaos Chamber boss
  • Wizard’s Pipe (Frost) – an SMG that means that you can get some extra DPS if wanted. Drops from Parasite in Tangledrift and is a World Drop
  • Fragment Rain – a Frost-only SMG that is superb at freezing enemies. Drops from the Chaos Chamber bosses and is a World Drop
  • Queen’s Cry – one other Frost-only pistol with superior synergies with Frost spells. Drops from The Maker, a secret Chaos Chamber boss

Melee Weapon

  • Frying Pan – extra survivability, you gained’t use melee on this construct both method. World drop solely


  • Amalgam – extra passive bonuses
  • Miasmic Tail – killing an enemy will increase your standing impact probability, and passively will increase standing impact injury (excellent synergy)
  • Diamond Gauntlets – whereas standing nonetheless acquire elevated Crit Probability, Darkish Magic Effectivity, and random elemental injury (roll with frost)
  • Warped Paradigm – get one with Skill Injury and Melee Injury are elevated by 50% of your Spell Injury

The most effective roll for this armor is to have Spellshot/Blightcaller bonuses with will increase in Spell Injury, All Injury Dealt, and Spell Crucial Probability

Ideally for the ability bonuses go for +5 into Imbued Weapon. It might probably additionally roll with bonuses to Font of Mana and Worse Curse.

Amalgam Wonderlands
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  • Theurge – casting spell reduces motion ability cooldown, whereas motion ability is on cooldown spell injury is elevated
  • Harbinger – restores 50% of your Ward over 2 seconds after activating your motion ability


  • Finger Ward – passive bonuses effectiveness is elevated when your Ward is full


  • Thoughts Rune – when casting a spell spawn a Frost Rune underneath a close-by enemy, that offers injury after a brief delay


Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Run
Picture through Gearbox Software program
  • Buffmeister – provides extra injury to your gun (roll one with Zap! that enhances Spell Injury)
  • Boltlash – whereas channeling ship out spectral frost arrows that deal spell injury
  • Frozen Orb – a frozen blizzard that slowly goes in direction of an enemy that offers Frost Injury
  • Arcane Bolt – easy three high-damage projectiles
  • Glacial Cascade – a surge of ice spikes in direction of the enemies
  • Rainbolt – when channeling you fireplace rainbow flares within the path that explode on influence
  • Tidebreaker – sends ahead a wave that knocks again enemies and offers splash injury, as well as, it applies the soaked impact which is a debuff to all enemies

As well as, you may simply use any purple (epic) Ice Spike. They’re fairly sturdy, even higher than some legendary spells.

Enchantments – Spellshot Chaos 50 Construct

Right here’s an inventory of a number of the greatest enchantments to roll in your items of drugs. Keep in mind that you may reroll enchantments at any level, nevertheless it’s not limitless.


  • On Motion Talent Begin, improve Injury Dealt by 20% for 20 seconds
  • On Motion Talent Begin, improve Spell Injury by 40% for 10 seconds
  • Whereas utilizing Spell Solid improve Frost Injury by 30% for five seconds
  • On Spell Solid, improve Injury Dealt by 15% for 10 seconds

Melee Weapon

  • Whereas utilizing Spell Solid improve Frost Injury by 30% for five seconds
  • On Spell Solid, improve Injury Dealt by 15% for 10 seconds
  • On Spell Solid, improve Elemental Injury by 20% for five seconds


  • On Spell Solid, improve Injury Dealt by 15% for 10 seconds
  • On Spell Solid, improve Elemental Injury by 20% for five seconds
  • After getting a Spell Kill, Achieve a 50% probability to shoot a further projectile for a reasonable period


  • On Motion Talent Begin, acquire a stack of Spellweaving and +20% Reload Velocity for five seconds
  • On Spell Solid, improve Elemental Injury by 20% for five seconds
  • On Spell Solid, improve Injury Dealt by 15% for 10 seconds


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