Shadowrun Hong Kong Companion Information: Unlockable Characters 

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Though your essential group of runners make a highly effective combating power all by themselves, they aren’t the solely faces you possibly can depend on within the Shadowrun Trilogy. Shadowrun Hong Kong options two unlockable runners – Racter and Gaichu – so as to add to your squad, with simply as many improve choices as your essential get together.

We’ll stroll you thru the very best improve choices to take when constructing out these runners with our Shadowrun Hong Kong companion Information. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong: Racter 

Your pleasant neighborhood mad scientist! Fairly than being a member of your crew immediately, Racter begins out as the marginally off-putting man occupying your boat’s engine room. Whereas his fastened grin and talent to unsettle by no means fades away, Racter turns into a succesful and valued teammate over time.  

Neither of Racter’s improve paths focus a lot on the person himself, quite they decide the course by which his fight drone Koschei develops.

The primary path, Predator, focuses totally on Koschei’s weapon methods, having him work as a cellular artillery platform. Whereas the Mangler path unleashes Racter’s id by way of Koschei, permitting the drone to rise up shut and deal some nasty injury. 

Tier 1 

  • Racter’s first Predator improve is Elevated Accuracy, offering a flat increase of 5% to Koschei’s total accuracy.
  • Mangler grants Transfer Velocity at this tier, growing Koschei’s motion by 1. 

A single further sq. of motion is barely noticeable. Likelihood is you’ll swiftly overlook that you just ever put in this improve. A flat 5% accuracy improve may appear equally negligible, nevertheless it makes a considerably bigger impression on Koschei’s effectiveness.

Finest Decide: Elevated Accuracy 

Tier 2 

  • Racter upgrades Koschei with a Shotgun Mount on the Predator path at this tier.
  • Racter upgrades Rotary Noticed when selecting Mangler.

Each are lethal, efficient close-range instruments. The Rotary Noticed does enormous injury on a vital, and crits are more likely to occur with this weapon than with Koschei’s different armaments. And its 2-turn cooldown may be very brief however does imply that you need to put some thought into when to make use of the Noticed.

The Shotgun Mount offers elevated injury and has no cooldown, however is much less correct than Koschei’s beginning weaponry. Fortunately, should you took Elevated Accuracy at tier 1, the Shotgun Mount turns into a dependable alternate fireplace mode, simply barely beating out the Rotary Noticed’s spectacular injury output when it comes to total usefulness. 

Finest Decide: Shotgun Mount 

Tier 3 

Tier 3 straight improves how Racter can increase Koschei’s efficiency, quite than specializing in the drone itself.

  • The Predator path grants Racter an improve to his Overclock means at tier 3, granting Koschei +2 AP and +2 Motion for a single flip.
  • Selecting Mangler reduces the cooldown of Racter’s Restore to three turns, quite than the preliminary 5.  

Whereas the shorter cooldown on Restore will increase Koschei’s survivability, it’s totally missing compared to the improved Overclock. Repeatedly with the ability to grant a further 2 AP to Koschei fully swings the motion economic system in your crew’s favor, turning Koschei into one among Shadowrun: Hong Kong’s simplest instruments of destruction. 

Finest Decide: Increase Means: Overclock 

Tier 4 

This tier presents small boosts to completely different points of Koschei’s injury output.

  • Koschei’s Firearm Techniques are improved by way of Predator, permitting the entire drone’s ranged assaults to pierce 2 armor.
  • Mangler modifiers Koschei’s Melee Techniques, permitting his melee assaults to trigger enemies to take 2 further injury every flip for the following 2 turns. 

Whereas the Melee Techniques increase is a pleasant enchancment to Koschei’s offensive capabilities, the injury being unfold out over subsequent turns is lower than very best. The rapid impression of Koschei’s ranged weapons piercing armor is a extra substantial improve. 

Finest Decide: Firearm Techniques 

Tier 5 

Koschei’s closing upgrades are among the many most helpful within the sport, cementing Koschei’s standing because the deadliest drone in Hong Kong.

  • Selecting Predator unlocks the Ares Heavy Laser, a devastating new software that’s extremely correct and offers each HP and AP injury.
  • Mangler unlocks Rip and Tear, a brutal melee assault that strips a whopping 4 armor from enemies on a profitable hit. 

This improve tier largely comes down to private desire, as each choices are extremely potent. Rip and Tear lets you achieve an edge in opposition to a few of Shadowrun: Hong Kong’s trickiest opponents. However the Ares Heavy Laser is such an unbelievable, constantly dependable fight software that it barely wins out right here. 

Finest Decide: Ares Heavy Laser. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong: Gaichu 

Gaichu Upgrade

The previous Purple Samurai is a ronin now, coping with his new life as a shadowrunning ghoul. You’ve gained a robust ally expert in shut fight, with energy and regenerative capabilities that set him aside even from the metahumans and transhumans that populate your crew

Gaichu’s first improve path is Purple Samurai, specializing in defensive stances, damaging a number of enemies in a single sword stroke, and modifying his ability set with restricted ranged capabilities.

Ghoul is the opposite path that Gaichu can progress down. This path grants Gaichu quite a few new expertise that may apply buffs to himself when dealing injury, in addition to ranged strategies that deal injury over time. 

Tier 1 

  • Gaichu’s first Purple Samurai means is Energetic Protection, which boosts Gaichu’s armor by 2 and his dodge ranking by 1, with a 5-turn cooldown.
  • Ghoul grants Rip, which is a claw-based melee assault, dealing 2 further injury, with additional injury utilized for the following 2 turns. 

Rip is a reasonably helpful possibility early on, however Gaichu unlocks loads of offensive maneuvers as you proceed to improve him. Energetic Protection is helpful right through Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Gaichu is essentially the most closely melee-focused character in your crew, and growing his protection permits him to outlive that for much longer. 

Finest Decide: Energetic Protection 

Tier 2 

The second set of upgrades for Gaichu presents a selection between 2 potent ranged talents, giving Gaichu further choices when struggling to shut the hole with foes. Each expertise have a 2-turn cooldown. 

  • Shuriken offers a single chunk of harm and prices 1AP.
  • Spit offers injury break up over 3 turns, ignores armor, and prices 0AP.

Shuriken is a good ranged possibility that offers good injury, and its energy scaling permits it to enhance as Gaichu grows extra highly effective. Spit takes 3 turns to deal as a lot injury as Shuriken initially does in 1, however the bulk of Spit’s injury remains to be dealt on the primary flip. Fully ignoring armor signifies that Spit continues to be helpful into the endgame.  

Finest Decide: Spit

Tier 3 

  • Gaichu’s third Purple Samurai means is Coup De Grace, a transfer that immediately kills a single shocked goal, with a 3-turn cooldown.
  • Chunk is a brand new melee assault that enhances Gaichu’s energy by 1 for two turns, heals him for 8HP, and offers AP injury on a 2-turn cooldown. 

In the event you’ve constructed your crew to deal heavy AP injury, then Coup De Grace is a tremendous means that may immediately take enemies out of the struggle. However Chunk is helpful it doesn’t matter what your crew composition, therapeutic and buffing Gaichu, decreasing enemy AP, and dealing injury suddenly. Each choices are glorious, however Chunk barely wins out. 

Finest Decide: Chunk 

Tier 4 

  • Purple Samurai at tier 4 grants Metallic Cowl Bonus, an enchancment to Gaichu’s Metallic Stance that provides a Gentle Cowl Bonus.
  • Ghoul’s tier 4 means is Illness, which radiates a cloud round Gaichu that persists for 3 turns, offers heavy injury, and reduces enemy AP. 

Passive gentle cowl is helpful to have however provides much less selection to Gaichu’s toolkit than Illness. Gaichu’s defensive capabilities have already been improved should you took Energetic Protection at tier 2, and Illness is way too helpful a capability to move up. 

Finest Decide: Illness 

Tier 5 

Gaichu’s closing set of talents pattern towards offense for Purple Samurai, and a uncommon defensive ability for the Ghoul path.

  • Purple Samurai’s Whirlwind is a brand new assault for Gaichu that hits all adjoining enemies, dealing 2 further injury per hit.
  • Regenerate is the Ghoul means, and when activated heals Gaichu for 6hp per flip, over 3 turns complete.  

Whirlwind is extremely helpful when Gaichu is rushed by a number of foes, permitting him to function a strolling AOE. The one concern is that Illness is roughly on par when it comes to injury, and presents debuffing properties too. Taking each feels superfluous.

Regenerate has a cooldown of two, which means there’s little or no purpose to not have it energetic consistently. Coupled with the regenerative properties of Chunk – which may stack with Regenerate – Gaichu turns into a really tough foe to take down. 

That does it for our Shadowrun Hong Kong companion construct information! When you’re right here, you should definitely try our information to constructing Shadowrun Hong Kong’s Important Celebration.

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