Prime 5 Greatest Digimon in Digimon Survive

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Digimon Survive has over 100 Digimon so as to add to your group.

That’s an enormous quantity of alternative and may make it daunting when contemplating the strongest members so as to add to your squad in Digimon Survive.

We’re right here to assist make that call a bit simpler.

We’ll stroll you thru our picks for the highest 5 greatest Digimon in Digimon Survive.

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#1: Omegamon 

In any Digimon sequence or recreation, you’ll be hard-pressed to seek out something stronger than Omegamon.

This fusion of Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon is synonymous with ‘strongest Digimon’, Omegamon is a last-resort secret weapon, able to defeating nearly something in its path. Omegamon fulfills this function simply as properly in Digimon survive. 

As Digimon Survive’s solely Tremendous Final kind Digimon, Omegamon is really in a category of its personal. Boasting sky-high stats and wide-ranging particular assaults, Omegamon shortly cleaves by means of any menace Digimon Survive can put in his means. There actually isn’t any different alternative for Digimon Survive’s strongest Digimon.

#2: Gallantmon 

 Gallantmon #2

It may be troublesome to know which recruited Digimon to Digivolve in Survive. Whereas your associate Digimon develop at vital story milestones, you make the selection of which befriended Digimon ought to unlock their champion varieties and past. 

Evolution objects don’t develop on bushes, and the thought of working out earlier than attending to your favourite ‘mon can result in some severe determination paralysis.  

Gallantmon makes your Digivolution determination far simpler. This extremely {powerful} ally is the ultimate type of the fan-favorite Guilmon. You gained’t need to exit of your option to recruit a Digimon that may ultimately turn out to be Gallantmon, as long as you took the steps to obtain Guilmon.

The benefit with which you’ll be able to purchase Gallantmon – as soon as you discover the right evolution objects – and his unbelievable fight prowess makes him second solely to Omegamon.

#3: MagnaAngemon 

 MangaAngemon #3

It takes a hefty time funding for any of your Digimon to achieve their final (or mega, for these of us used to the dub phrases) varieties. However MagnaAngemon is an absurdly {powerful} Digimon, and fairly probably the strongest Excellent kind in Digimon Survive. 

Nevertheless it isn’t simply his energy that provides MagnaAngemon the third spot on this checklist. For one, you don’t need to go to the trouble of coaching and evolving a Patamon so as to add MagnaAngemon to your group. He might be recruited instantly at the beginning of the sport’s third chapter, immediately boosting the ability of your occasion along with his arrival. 

As well as, while you efficiently reply MagnaAngemon’s recruitment questions and requested him for an merchandise, he might offer you a Excellent Enlightenment Slab. MagnaAngemon will not be solely a massively {powerful} Digimon in his personal proper, he’s an actual group participant, enabling your different Digimon to ascend to his stage. 

#4: Greymon 

digimon survive Greymon #4

Probably the most beloved Digimon of all time, Greymon makes this checklist not solely resulting from recognition, however due to how a lot he swings the sport’s stability of energy to your facet when he arrives. 

Because the very first Digivolution you purchase in Digimon Survive, Greymon turns Agumon from a pint-sized powerhouse into a very colossal menace. Even when different associate Digimon in your group attain champion stage, Greymon stays a staple of your squad for hours to come back. 

Any of Agumon’s champion varieties – based mostly in your principal Karma rating – may match this spot for a similar purpose. However Greymon is the traditional, in spite of everything, so would possibly as properly present him a bit additional respect. 

#5: Labramon 

digimon survive top 5 labramon

Transferring away from the ultra-powerful, Labramon is a rookie that joins your squad within the first chapter of Digimon Survive.

What makes Labramon the most effective Digimon within the recreation will not be their fight prowess, however the truth that they’re the primary healer you encounter in Digimon Survive. 

Treatment Liquor is Labramon’s signature talent. It heals an enormous chunk of any of your Digimon’s well being. This makes Labramon completely essential within the recreation’s opening hours, capable of carry you thru early boss fights like Dokugumon with little or no hassle. 

Whilst you’ll ultimately add extra {powerful} Digimon to your squad – and Labramon will Digivolve into stronger varieties – Labramon is an obligatory inclusion for Digimon Survive’s first few chapters on the very least. 

That does it for our high 5 greatest Digimon checklist. Hopefully, you’ll quickly discover your personal favorites on this unbelievable Digimon journey.

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