Prediabetes Weight-reduction plan Questions Answered Well being Stand Diet

1. What’s Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is a situation the place blood sugar ranges are greater than regular. Folks with prediabetes don’t course of sugar of their physique correctly. Unmanaged prediabetes will result in Kind 2 diabetes.   

After we eat and digest meals, we produce glucose that enters our bloodstream. Our pancreas secrets and techniques insulin, the hormone that permits sugar to enter our cells. When you have got prediabetes, sugar builds up in your bloodstream as an alternative of fueling your cells. Your pancreas might not make sufficient insulin, or your cells turn out to be immune to insulin and don’t enable as a lot sugar into the cells.  

Taking steps in adopting a wholesome life-style, weight-reduction plan and train may assist forestall or delay Kind 2 diabetes. 

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