Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters September 2022 Predictions

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Questioning what the Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters for September 2022 are more likely to be?

On this information, we’ve pooled collectively our greatest predictive powers to supply an informed guess as to what’s in retailer for Crew Rocket’s fiercest fighter subsequent month.

It goes with out saying that there’s a splash of hypothesis to all this, however by counting on patterns established in earlier months, we shouldn’t be too far off. 

In spite of everything, final month we have been just about bang on the cash when it got here to Pokemon Go Giovanni counters for August.

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Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters September 2022

Giovanni’s line-up for September 2022 is more likely to be: 

  • Part 1: Persian
  • Part 2: Machamp/Nidoking/Rhyperior
  • Part 3: Shadow Latios/Latias


Nearly as positive because the tides, Giovanni at all times busts out his trusty Persian to provoke hostilities.

Advanced from Meowth, Persian is a Regular-type Pokemon that’s inclined to Preventing-type Pokemon. 

Sturdy counter choices embody Pokemon like Breloom, Machamp, Lucario, Conkeldurr. Every one has the Counter transfer of their arsenal, which may show significantly devastating to outdated Giovanni and his Persian.


Part 2 ought to see Giovanni draft in his standard go-to trio of Machamp, Nidoking, or Rhyperior. Which one finally ends up combating is all the way down to the RNG gods.


A Preventing-type Pokemon, Machamp loses a lot of his sinewy may when confronted with Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type strikes.

We’d advocate leaping in with Pokemon like Mewtwo, Togekiss, Sylveon, Rayquaza, and Gardevoir to make straightforward work of Machamp.


Nidoking is a Poison and Floor-type Pokemon that falters when bombarded with Psychic, Ice, Water, and Floor-type strikes.

Sturdy Giovanni counters for September embody the likes of Mewtwo, Garchomp, Kyogre, Glaceon, and Galarian Darmanitan. Strikes like Psycho Lower, Ice Shard, Mud Shot, and Waterfall are likely to work effectively right here.


Rhyperior slots into the Rock and Floor-type Pokemon class.

They’re significantly weak to Water and Grass type-moves, so draft in Pokemon like Kyogre, Empoleon, Torterra, Swampert, and Zarude for the struggle.

Assaults like Waterfall, Razor Leaf, and Mud Shot make the struggle a lot simpler.

Giovanni Counters September 2022 – Shadow Latias/Latios

Giovanni’s part 3 Pokemon is the place issues get much less clear. In Might, the Crew Rocket chief known as upon Shadow Latias earlier than pivoting to Shadow Latios for June, July, and August. Both method, each are Psychic and Dragon-type Pokemon, so the identical technique applies to each. 

Latios and Latias are weak to Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, Bug, Darkish, and Ice-type assaults similar to Dragon Tail and Shadow Claw. Sturdy picks embody the likes of Gengar, Salamence, Garchomp, Flygon, and Dialga.

That’s a wrap on our Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters for September 2022. We’ll return to this text when issues kick off on September 1st to gauge whether or not our crystal-balling was spot on, or not, and modify accordingly.

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