MADiSON – The way to Clear up the Attic Puzzle

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On this information, we’ll assist you to clear up the MADiSON attic puzzle.

New horror recreation, MADiSON, has a darkish environment and threats lurking across the nook, so we received’t blame you for wanting a little bit of steering.

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The way to Clear up the Attic Puzzle in MADiSON?

Picture by way of Bloodius Video games

To resolve the MADiSON attic puzzle, you’ll first want to search out all 4 portraits. Two of them are positioned within the attic of grandpa’s home: the portraits of Giovinna Maxwell and Albert Maxwell.

The third portrait will be present in grandpa’s workplace in the identical home. It’s a portrait of Pascual Maxwell and is hanging on the wall within the nook of the room.

The final portrait of Filomena Maxwell will be discovered within the grandparents’ room, which is a secret room. So as to unlock it, you’ll want to resolve the planet medallions puzzle.

After gathering each single portrait, return to the attic and place all of the portraits.

Initially, take photos of the areas the place portraits grasp on the partitions. Utilizing your polaroid reveals the numbers. Do not forget that these numbers are random for each participant.

Now to resolve the MADiSON attic puzzle you’ll have to do some math. You could both add or subtract the numbers from the images from the numbers on the again of the portraits. The outcome needs to be 43!

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How to Solve the Attic Puzzle in MADiSON 2
Picture by way of Bloodius Video games

Household Members’ Age

MADiSON attic puzzle ages:

  • Giovinna Maxwell is 56 years previous
  • Albert Maxwell is 5 years previous
  • Pascual Maxwell is 33 years previous
  • Filomena Maxwell is 68 years previous

Meaning if the variety of the photograph is 10, then you will want to discover a portrait with an individual of 33 years of age. After including these numbers, the outcome ought to at all times be 43.

Then simply place the suitable portrait on the empty house. After hanging all 4 portraits a secret passage behind a brick wall shall be revealed. Now you understand how to resolve the MADiSON attic puzzle.


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