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Anime Fighters Simulator, because the identify very clearly suggests, is a Roblox recreation through which you assemble a staff of the most well-liked characters from numerous anime sequence and use them to tackle dangerous guys on totally different anime-themed islands.

In the event you haven’t but performed the sport, when enjoying Anime Fighters Simulator, your general aim is to assemble the strongest and greatest fighters to assist you in battling enemies. These fighters kind a part of your staff and assist massively all through the sport – particularly should you construct a powerful staff in Anime Fighters Simulator.

What’s Anime Fighters Simulator?

In Anime Fighters Simulator – which was beforehand generally known as Anime Fighters – you journey by way of variously custom-made anime-inspired worlds, defeating enemies with characters you may unlock by opening stars on every map.

The recreation’s builders discuss 4 primary options of Anime Fighters Simulator:

  1. You get to find a large vary of secret fighters by going out and exploring.
  2. You’ll be able to collect and prepare the most effective warriors to kind the strongest staff in Anime Fighters
  3. Uncover new and thrilling worlds! Every world even comes with its personal distinctive set of fighters!
  4. There isn’t any finish to the probabilities for Anime Preventing enjoyable!

What are Fighters in Anime Fighters Simulator?

Anime Fighters Simulator options an in depth roster of playable characters, generally known as “fighters,” drawn from numerous media, particularly anime.

Upon your command, your character’s staff will comply with your character and use totally different skills to assault enemies and assist defend you. These characters will ultimately make up the majority of the injury your character can inflict on enemies, so it’s important that you simply use the most effective fighters to kind the strongest staff in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Are There Totally different Fighter Rarities to Assist Construct a Sturdy Group in Anime Fighters?

There are such a lot of characters to select from that it may be difficult to know which of them are price pursuing, upgrading, and utilizing within the recreation.

There are at the moment eight rarities of fighters within the recreation, which, so as of ascending rarity, are…

  • Widespread
  • Uncommon
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Legendary
  • Crafted 
  • Secret
  • and Divine Fighters.

Whereas Divine and Secret fighters are a few of Anime Fighters Simulator’s strongest fighters, acquiring them is much harder than acquiring legendary fighters or any fighters under them when it comes to rarity.

Any fighters, together with Secret and any rarities under this, are scattered throughout many alternative worlds, giving gamers a various roster to construct their super-strong Anime Fighters staff.

That is in comparison with Divine fighters, who, not like different characters, aren’t tied to anybody world, which makes it attainable to amass them in numerous worlds.

Plus, even additional into the sport, the shiny variations of legendary or greater characters can have considerably better injury, so preserve a watch out for these.

Who’re the Greatest Fighters in Anime Fighters Simulator?

A listing of the strongest, crafted, secret, and divine fighters within the recreation of Anime Fighters Simulator has been compiled under to assist you in making your picks.

(Be aware: These rankings have been derived from earlier DPS estimates made by oTradeMark and his neighborhood, in addition to precise injury values recorded throughout gameplay.)

Dragon-King Divine Orca Street Jail + Later Ones
True Golden King Divine The Gap + Later Ones
Esper-King Secret Psychic Metropolis
Heavy Rain Crafted Orca Street Jail
Engineered Alien Divine Fortunate Kingdom + Later Ones
Jimmy Secret Orca Street Jail
Flaming Hero Divine Icy Wastes + Later Ones
Betrayer Secret Time Journey Tokyo
Famu (Atomic) Secret Ninja Metropolis
Crimson Bat Secret The Gap

Though these fighters are among the strongest in Anime Fighters Simulator, it’s possible you’ll wish to think about different components like the price of buying and upgrading a brand new fighter when deciding on whether or not or to not add a brand new member to your staff.

As an illustration, it’s fantastic to make use of legendary or decrease rarity characters at first, however you’ll wish to stick to legendary and above characters after some time.

For the most effective characters, you’ll want a variety of summons from the star, and in some instances, you’ll additionally want to spend so much of time farming for crafting supplies.

So, keep in mind: the most effective characters aren’t essentially an important ones to start out with, as lower-rarity characters will serve you properly for a very long time.

What Is The Quickest Method To Degree Up Fighters In Anime Fighters?

Anime Fighters Simulator battle between ice and electric character and fire character with fireball.

There are lots of methods to progress within the recreation, however one of the essential is the obvious: to play as a lot as you may.

In Anime Fighters Simulator, you’ll spend the vast majority of your time buying new fighters and enhancing your present roster. As we’ve stated, your staff of fighters determines how a lot DPS you may dish out and, due to this fact, how rapidly you may defeat your opponents.

To get essentially the most out of your fighters, it’s endorsed that you simply degree them up and equip them with helpful passives if they’ve scores greater than B. Leveling them up if they’ve scores decrease than B normally isn’t price your time.

You’ll be able to degree up your present fighters to kind a good stronger Anime Fighters staff by fusing them collectively. 

It takes extra expertise factors to degree up a fused fighter, however the fighter does extra injury at a better degree. On the time of writing, the highest degree is 285.

To degree up rapidly and simply, you may put your fighters in units referred to as incubators, reminiscent of those positioned in:

  • XYZ Metropolis
  • Slayer Military
  • and Flame Metropolis.

When a fighter is within the incubator, it features a degree daily, making it essentially the most environment friendly technique of making an attempt to interrupt by way of to the subsequent degree if you end up caught.   

As a bonus tip: the XP gained from fusion could be elevated by both utilizing XP boosts or collaborating in occasions. 

How can I get higher fighters in Anime Fighters by way of crafting?

A calm and peaceful town square in roblox's anime fighters simulator

Regardless that you should purchase Stars to get totally different rarities of characters, it’s way more tough to get a high-ranking character this fashion. 

There are particular Crafting machines on every island which might be usually a greater choice for creating a personality in some instances. 

Specialty fighters are assured by these machines, which have quite a lot of skills. 

Nonetheless, shards are required for crafting, and for every character, you’ll want to gather a particular kind or number of shards, which you’ll be able to see within the crafting machines across the map. The shards are distinctive to every world, as are the fighters that may be crafted from them. 

Three world legendary fighters and 5 shards could be mixed to create new fighters. 5 shiny legendary fighters and twenty shards may also be used to create a craftable shiny fighter.

There are lots of other ways to seek out shards, however raids are the commonest.

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