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The world of composting can appear overwhelming, however I’m right here to assist! Take pleasure in this straightforward Information to Kitchen Composting, together with what can (and may’t) be composted, why you need to compost and tips on how to do it.  

Navigating what to compost may be complicated, which is why I LOVE shopping for merchandise which can be clearly labelled “compostable” on the package deal. My favourite gummies from Herbaland (who sponsored this publish) are literally the FIRST vitamin gummy model to launch packaging comprised of 100% compostable supplies! By switching to those pouches, they may divert over 60,000 plastic bottles (2 tons of plastic) from landfills annually. More healthy me, more healthy planet.   

hands cutting an Herbaland vitamin package with scissors to compost

I’ve used these gummies for years. Head HERE to enter our present IG giveaway to win your very personal provide – they’re unbelievable.  You possibly can additionally store a curated field of my favorite gummy nutritional vitamins: don’t neglect to make use of code FRAICHE for 20% off. Okay, let’s dig into composting. 

What’s composting? 

Composting is the method of breaking down natural waste into nutrient-rich grime. There are countertop composters, curb-side composting (we aren’t so fortunate right here in Kelowna – but) and conventional backyard composters. 

hands adding watermelon core to a table top compost bin

Advantages of composting 

There are various advantages to composting, however these are the highest 3 that resonate most with me: 

  1. Good for vegetation. Composting produces a nutrient-rich grime that helps vegetation develop. 
  2. Helps stop soil erosion. Wholesome soil, wealthy in microbes, does a greater job of holding on to water and vitamins which makes it much less weak to soil erosion. 
  3. Reduces methane emissions, a greenhouse gasoline by diverting waste from landfills. I at all times questioned about this relationship. Not like composting, landfills create an anaerobic surroundings the place oxygen is proscribed and the great microbes, wanted to breakdown this natural matter, are usually not capable of survive. This anaerobic decomposition creates methane gasoline, which traps the warmth within the environment and contributes to world warming. 
hand slicing fresh fruit on cutting board

What can I compost? 

It’s estimated that 30% of the earth’s meals that’s produced is wasted.  Ugh. Composting is an effective way to scale back the quantity of family rubbish and creates wealthy soil to be used in gardening and landscaping. The objects I compost most frequently embrace: 

tori Wesszer cutting vegetables up to ass to a table top compost bin

 What can’t I compost? 

There are some objects that may’t be composted, together with (however not restricted to) the next: 

  • Meat, fish and bones 
  • Plastics 
  • Metals 
  • Fat and oils 
  • Dairy merchandise 
  • Pet waste 
  • Cheese, meat or sauces 

Herbaland Compostable Packaging 

Herbaland now gives a whole product line in pouches comprised of 100% compostable, plant-based elements, which divert over 60,000 plastic bottles (2 tons of plastic) from the landfill yearly. Isn’t that tremendous?! I LOVE their earth-friendly concerns. 

Herbaland Compostable Vitamin Gummies in pink packages beside a tabletop compost bin

What’s their new compostable packaging comprised of? 

Their compostable pouches are comprised of sustainably sourced plant-based elements together with wooden pulp, cornstarch, cassava, sugarcane, and beets. The entire parts of the Herbaland pouches, together with the zipper, conform to the OK compost HOME certification and can absolutely break down into natural supplies relatively than microplastics.  

a tabletop compost bin with compostable scraps beside it

How do you compost the packaging? 

To compost their plant-based pouches, merely minimize up the bag into small items and place it in your yard compost bin or your group compost bin. Ensure to examine your metropolis rules earlier than inserting these pouches in your house inexperienced bin, since compostable plastics are comparatively new to the market and the fabric shouldn’t be but accepted at many industrial composting amenities! Their pouches can be positioned in:

• Yard compost bins
• Bokashi bins
• Worm farms
• Neighborhood gardens 

I labored with Herbaland to deliver you a few of my favorite gummies all wrapped up in a single field to make issues easy, together with the Ladies’s Multi, Candy Goals and Iron Plus. You should utilize code FRAICHE for 20% off this limited-edition curated field.

To be taught extra in regards to the dietary supplements I take and why head HERE.  

Herbaland Gummies in a basket with tulips

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