Half 1: IBS Collection – What are FODMAPs?

What meals are excessive in FODMAPs?  

FODMAPs are present in quite a lot of meals, together with produce, grains and cereals, nuts, legumes, lentils, dairy merchandise and quite a lot of processed meals. This could make following a low FODMAP weight loss plan tough, as you possibly can’t intuitively inform which meals can be excessive or low in FODMAPs. Moreover, FODMAP quantities can fluctuate primarily based on the kind of meals, the serving dimension of the meals, and the mixture of assorted FODMAP containing meals consumed in a single sitting. Should you’re searching for extra assets and help on making a low FODMAP plan on your distinctive meals preferences and consuming type, I extremely suggest working with a digestive well being dietitian who can tailor issues for you!  

The most effective up-to-date useful resource for figuring out the FODMAP composition of a meals and the proper serving dimension is the Monash College FODMAP App, as it’s always being up to date primarily based on the continuing analysis being carried out.  

Generally, under is an inventory of every of the 6 FODMAP classes and a few meals which are excessive in these kind of FODMAP:  

  • Fructose: this can be a sugar discovered in lots of fruits, honey, and excessive fructose corn syrup. Meals examples embrace most fruit juices, apples, mango, honey, and agave syrup.  
  • Lactose: that is the principle sugar present in milk and different dairy merchandise together with yogurt and ice cream. Word that some dairy merchandise resembling onerous cheeses are naturally decrease in lactose and thus are thought of low FODMAP.  
  • Mannitol & Sorbitol: these are each sorts of naturally occurring sugar alcohols which are generally present in vegatables and fruits resembling avocado, blackberries, cauliflower, and mushrooms. 
  • Fructans: discovered primarily in wheat merchandise, fructans will also be discovered in lots of greens (most notably garlic and onion), in addition to some meals components, resembling inulin. Meals sources embrace wheat, rye, barley, garlic and onions. 
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides: additionally known as galactans or abbreviated to GOS, these FODMAPs are sometimes present in legumes and beans. Meals sources embrace kidney beans, chickpeas (in bigger servings), and baked beans. 

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