Does Twitch Poison Work With Cassiopeia?

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League of Legends is filled with interactions, however does Twitch poison work with Cassiopeia’s E?

We all know that allied poison will help Cassiopeia use empowered E. For instance, the notorious hamster Teemo’s poison or Singed’s Q.

Twitch has a unique type of poison in his package, which he may even detonate it. So, does Twitch Poison work with Cassiopeia?

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Picture by way of Riot Video games

Twitch Poison with Cassiopeia Interplay

The reply is sure. If Twitch poisons the goal then Cassiopeia can use her empowered E time and again.

It does virtually triple the conventional harm and may catch enemies off guard. It’s a strong synergy when used within the early sport.

You’ll be able to truly cheese degree 1 with each Twitch’s and Cassiopeia’s Es.

It’s an off-meta technique and it’ss not suggested to attempt it out in ranked video games. You don’t wish to destroy your individual or anyone else’s sport.

If you happen to’re an skilled Cassiopeia participant then it may be counterintuitive. The moment response is to again off while you miss your Q.

Nevertheless, on this situation, you may miss your Q and nonetheless spam your E.

Both method, the interplay between Twitch’s poison and Cassiopeia’s E works. There’s little question you may have loads of enjoyable with it. Attempt it out in regular video games. If you happen to really feel assured, you may conquer low-elo with this technique.

We might additionally advise utilizing this with a pre-made. Having a buddy apply the poison is much more dependable than a random teammate.


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