Digimon Survive Dokugumon Boss Information

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Struggling to cope with Dokugumon in Digimon Survive?

We’ll aid you beat the venomous spider boss proper right here. 

Dokugumon is the boss of half 1 in Digimon Survive.

This venomous menace captured Aoi and webbed up the entire faculty, leaving you to chase after him.

After struggling by deserted school rooms and corridors, you lastly have the possibility to take Dokugumon down. 

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Digimon Survive Dokugumon Boss Information 

Dokugumon has a considerable amount of well being to burn by, no less than double the quantity you’ll have encountered in enemy Digimon up till this level. Except you’ve spent loads of time in free battles, don’t count on to have the ability to take him down in a single assault. 

Dokugumon begins the struggle on the alternative facet of the battlefield. There are a variety of smaller spiders standing between your Digimon and the boss. Fortunately, Dokugumon gained’t budge till you progress inside a couple of areas of him. You need to use this to your benefit and make the most of ranged assaults to choose off the smaller enemies first, stopping you from being swarmed when attacking Dokugumon. 

Each Dokugumon and his spider minions have the power to poison your Digimon when attacking in Digimon Survive, dealing a bit of harm each flip. To scale back the possibilities of being troubled by the poison standing, use your occasion to gang up on the smaller spiders one after the other, eradicating them from fight earlier than they’ve an opportunity to assault. Take note of the flip order to make sure you’re not shocked and surrounded by the opposite spider Digimon. 

When Dokugumon is the one enemy Digimon remaining, transfer your occasion over to him, grouped up as shut as potential. If solely certainly one of your Digimon is near the boss when he begins to maneuver, they’re more likely to take extreme harm earlier than the others might help. Be sure you preserve some SP with Labramon to make use of their heals if Dokugumon will get an excellent hit in. 

Maneuver Agumon behind the boss and use his Pepper Breath talent for top harm. Dokugumon is weak to flame expertise, and it’s solely potential to take away half of its well being in a single strike.

Dokugumon and Digivolving 

Digimon Survive Dokugumon Spider Boss

Once you scale back Dokugumon to lower than 50% of his well being, a lower scene begins. Agumon digivolves into his champion kind and extra spider enemies seem on the battlefield.  

End off the remainder of the boss’ well being as rapidly as potential, as he offers extra harm than the smaller opponents.

Sadly, defeating the boss doesn’t mechanically finish the battle, and you’ll want to clear up all of the smaller foes to attain victory. Use again and facet assaults wherever potential, and Agumon’s champion kind ought to aid you make quick work of the remaining foes. 

With Dokugumon defeated, you’ll have accomplished half 1 of Digimon Survive.

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