Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Rule all the weather

Each class in Wonderlands deserves its personal construct, so right here you’ll discover our Blightcaller Chaos 50 construct.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is stuffed with range and unique builds. This time we created one thing worthy of a real Elementalist.

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Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct in Wonderlands

Blightcaller Chaos 50 build tiny tinas wonderlands 2
Picture through Gearbox Software program

This can be a Blightcaller Chaos 50 construct for the endgame. Farming will likely be required to acquire among the objects.

Many of the weapons and kit could be obtained from the Chaos Bunnies on the finish of the Chaos Chamber runs.

Selecting Your Subclass – Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

Now for the most recent class Blightcaller, there are a number of interactions with all the opposite lessons.

This construct is concentrated on the basic harm and DoT (Injury over Time). We selected Stabbomancer as the proper match for our Elementalist Blightcaller Chaos 50 construct.

The primary class feat referred to as Whisper of Rot provides you a bonus to elemental harm once you apply standing results.

Our feat from the subclass is Soiled Preventing and it provides a 30% crucial hit likelihood bonus. It applies to each harm supply.

Ability Factors – Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

Right here you’ll have the ability to discover all the abilities we selected for this Blightcaller Chaos 50 construct. It’s a Blightcaller/Stabbomancer mixture.

Motion Ability – Lavatory Totem

Blightcaller Chaos 50 build
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Summon a Lavatory Totem Companion on the goal location, which periodically creates Elemental Spirits that search out close by enemies coping with Skill Injury and exploding on impression.

Elemental Injury kind is predicated on the Fatemaker’s at present outfitted Gun when activated. Each time the Fatemaker kills an enemy whereas Lavatory Totem is energetic, its Length is partially restored.

Lavatory Totem has a number of fees, and Pinging an enemy will trigger your Lavatory Totem to focus on them.

Tier I Expertise

  • Virulence – elevated standing impact likelihood and standing impact period (5 factors)
  • Wraithmail – killing an enemy restores a share of your ward (3 factors)
  • Haste – elevated motion pace and melee assault pace (2 factors)
  • Potent Poisons – elevated standing impact harm and standing impact period (5 factors)

Expertise From Tier II

  • Flawless Edge – acquire extra harm the extra protect you have got (5 factors)
  • Swift Dying – the sooner you progress, the extra harm you deal (5 factors)
  • Exploit Their Weak point – an opportunity to debuff enemies to achieve elevated harm if affected by any elemental impact (3 factors)

Tier III Expertise

  • Worse Curse – making use of darkish magic standing impact will increase spell harm and talent harm (3 factors)
  • Lavatory Down – an opportunity to create a water nova whereas making use of poison harm. The nova soaks all enemies. Soaked enemies take elevated harm (1 level)
  • Amped Up – making use of lightning standing impact will increase motion pace and ward regeneration (3 factors)

Expertise From Tier IV

  • Burnt Providing – making use of hearth standing impact will increase gun harm and spell cooldown fee (3 factors)
  • Contagion – unfold standing impact harm, if no enemies are close by deal a number of harm (3 factors)

Tier V Expertise

  • Toxicity – making use of poison standing impact will increase crucial harm, companion harm, and talent cooldown fee (1 level)
  • Restore The Veil – elevated max ward and decreased max well being. Any darkish magic harm will regenerate your ward as a substitute of well being (1 level)

Capstone – Tier VI Ability

Spirit Swarm (1 level)

Making use of a Standing Impact creates a Spirit Swarm Companion that seeks out and damages close by enemies, dealing Standing Impact Injury of the utilized Standing Impact’s Injury kind.

Whereas Spirit Swarm is energetic, its period is partially restored after making use of a Standing Impact.

Making use of a stronger Standing Impact absolutely refreshes its period, and updates the Spirit Swarm’s Injury Dealt and Injury kind primarily based on the utilized Standing Impact.

Pinging an enemy redirects the Spirit Swarm in the direction of that enemy. Attempt to level at an enemy with different enemies round for essentially the most AoE (Space of Impact) harm.

Different Expertise

You possibly can alternate between Toxicity, Worse Curse, Burnt Providing, Amped Up, and Frost Chunk. Relying on which factor you’re utilizing essentially the most, or simply matching your gun or spell.

Hero Factors – Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

Blightcaller Chaos 50 build tiny tinas wonderlands
Picture through Gearbox Software program

You possibly can spend 49 Hero Factors. Normally, you earn one Hero Level per degree, however at some ranges, you get multiple Hero Level.

Firstly of the sport be certain to decide on Village Fool as your background. It provides the most important quantity of uncooked factors and lets you get the best worth in Energy.

These factors increase completely different attributes. You possibly can select from:

  • Energy – crucial hit harm
  • Dexterity – crucial hit likelihood
  • Intelligence – spell cooldown fee
  • Knowledge – standing impact harm
  • Structure – well being and ward factors
  • Attunement – motion talent cooldown

On this Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Chaos 50 construct, you need to deal with maxing out Energy and Attunement.

The remainder of the factors could be distributed into Dexterity for extra harm or Structure for extra survivability.

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Weapons and Gear for Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

Each merchandise can drop from the Chamber Bunnies on the finish of any Chaos Chamber Run, together with the newly launched Boss Runs.

As well as, for those who’ve already completed a mirror from a selected DLC, these things may also be added to the loot pool of Chaos Chambers.

It’s also possible to farm DLC objects immediately from the Wheel of Destiny close to the DLC mirrors.

Weapons – Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

  • Ruby’s Spite – top-of-the-line pistols within the recreation – drops from Monsterous Shroom in Weepwild Dankness
  • Stay Wire – an awesome SMG with a lightning chain – world drop solely
  • Liquid Cooling – superior synergy with Frost harm will increase – drops from Lissia in Crackmast Cove
  • Vengeance – a brand-new and highly effective Assault Rifle – DLC World Drop (Shattering Spectreglass DLC)
  • Stab-O-Matic – offers a number of melee and blended harm – DLC World Drop (Molten Mirrors DLC)
  • Crossblade – a tremendous shotgun for this construct with a number of elemental synergies – drops from Gloopathoth, a secret Chaos Chamber boss

Melee Weapon

  • Frying Pan – extra survivability, you received’t use melee on this construct both manner. World drop solely.

Armors – Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

  • Amalgam – extra passive bonuses
  • Deathless Mantle – limits your HP to at least one, however will increase ward by 150%
  • Miasmic Tail – killing an enemy will increase your standing impact likelihood, and passively will increase standing impact harm (excellent synergy)

The perfect roll for this armor is to have Blightcaller/Stabbomancer bonuses with will increase in Gun Injury, All Injury Dealt, and Space Injury.

Ideally for the talent bonuses go for +5 into Flawless Edge. It may well additionally roll with bonuses to Amped Up and Swift Dying.


  • Harbinger – restores 50% of your Ward over 2 seconds after activating your motion talent
  • Theurge – casting spell reduces motion talent cooldown, whereas motion talent is on cooldown spell harm is elevated


  • Finger Ward – passive bonuses effectiveness is elevated when your Ward is full


  • Physique Rune – a mix of therapeutic and harm increase – drops from Bunnidhogg, a secret boss in Chaos Chamber


  • Buffmeister – provides extra harm to your gun – world drop solely

Enchantments – Blightcaller Chaos 50 Construct

Right here’s an inventory of among the finest enchantments to roll in your items of substances. Keep in mind you can reroll enchantments at any level, nevertheless it’s not limitless.


  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Injury Dealt by 20% for 20 seconds
  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Standing Impact Probability and Injury by 20% for 10 seconds

Melee Weapon

  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Gun Injury by 40% for 10 seconds
  • On Spell Forged, improve Elemental Injury by 20% for 5 seconds


  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Gun Injury by 40% for 10 seconds
  • When utilizing Spell Forged, improve Gun Injury by 30% for 10 seconds
  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Injury Dealt by 20% for 20 second
  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Standing Impact Probability and Injury by 20% for 10 seconds


  • On Motion Ability Begin, improve Gun Injury by 40% for 10 seconds
  • When utilizing Spell Forged, improve Gun Injury by 30% for 10 seconds
  • Crucial Hit Probability is elevated by 30% for every energetic Lavatory Totem


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